Good Bye 2017 | Welcome 2018 | Lets’ Plan it

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ― Mother Teresa 2017 is gone , of course it has taken a lot of memories with itself. Memories which are sometimes adorable and sometimes miserable but they are gone. The most important and cherishing job that 2017 did for me... Continue Reading →


اسڪول کان يونيورسٽي تائين جو سفر |زندگي هڪ بليٽ ٽرين

وقت انتهائي تيز هلندو آهي ، ڪنهن جي نه پرواهه ، نه انتظار ءِ نه ئي ڪو القو ڪندو آهي. وقت چوي آءُ بادشاه ،  شايد ستين ڪلاس ۾ اهو نظم پڙهيو هئم . ڪجهه سمجهي ته ان وقت ئي ڇڏيو هئم پر ايترو نه جيترو هاڻي خبر پئي . زندگي ائين بليٽ ٽرين جيان... Continue Reading →

روسي انقلابي اڳواڻ لينن جي سوانح حيات

لينن جي باري ۾ هونئن ته ڪافي ٻڌو هئو ڇاڪاڻ ته مان محترم رسول بخش پليجو ، اياز لطيف پليجو جي ليڪچر پروگرام ۾ ويندو آهيان انکان علاوا به جتي به سياسي ، سماجي ، ادبي، سائنسي يا مذهبي جاڳرتا جا پروگرام ٿيندا آهن ته مان ڪوشش ڪندو آهيان ته اتي ضرور وڃان ڇاڪاڻ ته... Continue Reading →

Exploring Data Science | A new job market

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) celebrated World Telecommunication day this year with theme of "BIG DATA BIG IMPACT " . We also organized an event at Telecom Engg department  MUET Jamshoro on 17th May 2017. First time I came to know about the term BIG DATA , different guest speakers delivered talk on this topic and... Continue Reading →

SGS Pakistan internships for chemistry students

INTERNSHIPS AND PROGRAMS NTERNSHIPS Both graduates and undergraduates can benefit from opportunities to work alongside our professionals and independently on challenging projects for existing clients. If you have drive and enthusiasm, are ready to roll up your sleeves and get involved in the day-to-day work of a dynamic, growing company our intern positions are available... Continue Reading →

Fast Cables Limited Internship September 2017

Fast Cables Limited Internship September 2017:Internship Leading to Job Fast Cables Limited Lahore, Pakistan. Industry: Manufacturing Functional Area: Sales Support Total Positions: 1 Post Job Type: Full Time/Permanent Job Shift: First Shift (Day) Department: Sales Job Location: Lahore, Pakistan Gender: Male Age: 20 – 25 Years Minimum Education: B.Com/B.A Experience: Fresh Skills: Command on MS Office Career Level: Entry Level Stipend: Yes Apply with confidence @,, don’t forget... Continue Reading →

TCP Congestion Control Mechanism

Let us first define what is congestion? Congestion in terms of networking , congestion is network state on a node or a link when it carries much greater data than its capacity which results in reduction of quality of service,queuing delay,frame or packet loss and blocking new connections. In a congested network, response time slows... Continue Reading →

Differentiated Service (DiffServ) Tutorial

Differentiated Service (DiffServ) drawback of IntServ or the motivation for DiffServ The IntServ was the first step towards QoS in the internet. However IntServ model requires a router to keep flow specific state for each that the router is maintaining. This requirement raised concerns such as amount of information increases proportional to per flow which... Continue Reading →

Integrated Service & IntServ Model Tutorial

Q : What is integrated service (intServ) ? also explain the IETF IntServ Model.   Ans:  Traditionally the internet has provided the best effort service to every user regardless of its requirements. Because every user required same amount of the resources, congestion in the network can result in serious degradation of the applications that require... Continue Reading →

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