An Important Message for Those students willing to Pursue Bachelors in Engineering…!!

Hello Everyone…!


I am writing this article based on my experience living in the context of our (The Pakistan’s) educational system. Its really important to aware the candidates wish to appear in the pre-entry tests for engineering in different engineering institutions. The country where we live and the primary education that we achieve is no more able to compete the standards of the education in the other countries even not comparable with our neighbors. how does a student get passed with A,A1 grades in the SSC and HSC exams , everyone knows!! So when they reach in the university they are even not able to introduce themselves confidently , this shows the level of our students .

Specially , most of the students now coming into universities belong to the village side of the country, where the knowledge of the computer is nill butta nill. And for an engineering student of any technology it is really much important to have sound knowledge of the computer . Every department(technology) in a university teaches programming languages in the first year like (C,C++,Java,Matlab) , which are an unseen stories for the students coming from villages having nill butta nill knowledge of the computers and then they stuck into it . The results show that almost 70% of the students in the first semester are failed to clear the Introduction to Computing (ITC) subjects in Mehran University of Engineering Technology MUET Jamshoro.

That’s why its very important for the students wishing to go for engineering that they should already be aware of computing knowledge, better if they join any private center to learn the basics of programming and computers . it will surely help them in  any university to face this subject . the know how of the programming is enough for students of HSC , so as they get time during XIIth vacations they should join the center to learn something about it..


hope you found this articles helpful..

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