Technology Changes..!!





I exactly remember the day, it was May 5th, 2004 and my Big B brought something ( like a toy  )with some buttons and a small liquid crystal display LCD screen, which produced a type of sound (melody) and my brother pressed one of the button from the several and start speaking. Everyone was amazed to see such small plastic device, which was used as source of communication between sender and receiver sitting far away from each other. Though, that was the first cell phone of my village (NOKIA 1100).As it was the first cell phone we have ever seen, everybody was very excited to use it, and we used to hang on a tree or in a wire due to week signal coverage. The amazing thing was, whenever we listened d the melody (when anyone called on our number) we used to run towards it, to receive the call and hear the sound of the caller. I must say!It was solid cell phone by nokia,but it has become a past story you won’t find this mobile because the technology has left it far behind.

Soon after 3 months we bought a new NOKIA 1110 which was heavier but smarter than NOKIA 1100.And its display was also larger, it included some other melodies with better sound quality. The other thing which was different from Nokia 1100 was inclusion of new games.

After having some time with Nokia 1110 we come to use Nokia 1200 and Nokia 1600 ,these both cell phone were a lot better than the above, because their displays were colorful ,though the size was same. They included more features and new leisure games to be played.

We were still unknown some other mobile companies as we have been using only Nokia phones ,because were very solid and stable having long battery life,but after using these phones we saw another company THE MOTROLA ,which was the first cell phone making company , had a complete blue colored display ,then with the passage of time we come to know about the other mobile companies such as; Sony Ericson and Samsung .these phones were improved with the technology they could play audio songs up to 30 or 40 seconds not more than that, the video songs and cameras were still unknown to us it was 2008.

2009 one of my friend brought a china mobile (NKTEL) with a very large display, 2.0 MP (Mega Pixel), high quality audio speaker and video songs. And everyone started buying these china mobiles and playing song showing each other and comparing the volumes and so on. It means that, now everyone got an awareness of the technology. But still we were not aware of touch screen displays .that was a new era of technology. Day by day the technology changed, the keypads were changing into touch screen, which could be run onto a single touch of your finger.

Now a days this technology is at its peak, the Q-Mobile has become countries’ largest smart phone distributor, leaving behind all the other new and old companies i.e. Nokia, Samsung, Sony, etc. now everyone wants a smartphone, besides this, the Apple IPhones ,Samsung galaxy series ,Lenovo smartphones and other latest technologies are replacing the old technology.

That was day when we could just hear the voice of the speaker, butnow a day we can not only hear the voice, but we can watch the speaker live by video calls. And the day I used Nokia has gone away, now I use a brand new G Right Tablet .That is Technology change.

 This is nonstop, and is still continue, we don’t know its destination.Of course! It will be changing.

But the question is the positive use of the changing technology, and positive change in human behaviors as well. Hope we use this new trends in positive manner.


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