Make Mini Radar Using Arduino

This project is a result of project given by our Opto-electronics instructor Sir HaiderBuxMangrio .The radars have become an integral part of national defense in todays. but not only defense they are used to guide the aero planes so that  they may have a safe journey. They are widely used around the world. We have made simple prototype of radar with many applications. The project name is “Radar Using Arduino“. This Radar detects any object within a range of 40cm. We have used ultrasonic sensor to detect any object in space and calculate its distance with angle as well. The servo motor is used to rotate the sensor up to an angle of 180 degrees. The range can be increased by increasing the strength of ultrasonic sensor.

Components used in this project:

  • Arduino UNO
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Servo Motor Mini
  • Some jumping wires
  • And a pref board


The ultrasonic hits an invisible frequency from its pin ECHO which hits any object in space and reflects back, that reflected wave is received at pin TRIGGER which then tells the Arduino. The Arduino program converts the measured distance into cm and detects the movements of the servo motor with an angle difference of 1 degree. the Arduino controls the whole hardware used in this project.

The servo is connected with pin no 12 of the Arduino.

For the purpose of display we have used another programming platform processing which is basically a visual based programming language so the output is show onto processing window which neatly show the activities of Servo and Ultrasonic.


The projects has several application:

  • Can be used as an object detector
  • The idea can be used as defense security purposes
  • Can be used to detect exact position with angle and distance in space
  • Can detect jet planes of enemies
  • Can be used as security systems at homes
  • If used with camera we can see the video of any object
  • If modified can be used as target finder and can hit the target.
  • It can be used in drones
  • And several other application can be made on the basis requirement

watch video on this link


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