Shaheed e Sindh (Amar Shaheed) HEMOO KALANI

Amar Shaheed Hemu Kalani

In the light of history a young freedom fighter who fight to save Indus Valley, named Hemu kalani
In ancient times, the territory of the modern Sindh  was sometimes known as Sovira (or Souveera, Sauvīra) and  Sindhu being the original name for Indus river and the suffix ‘desh’ roughly corresponding to country or territory.

Another group of academia, claims that the original inhabitants of Sindh, who gave rise to the Indus Valley Civilization around 3000 BCE, were native Aryans, as Vedic literature speaks of no reference to an Aryan race outside of the South Asia. This topic is considered still unresolved.

1942 holds a great value in the Indus history of struggle for the freedom as during this time was persisting for his famous Non co-operation movement. Hemu’s uncle, Dr. Mangharam Kalani was a famous nationalist and great follower , i hence got attracted towards his activities and started singing in the Prabhat Pheris [early morning awaking processions].

One of the youngest Indus freedom fighter and freedom God of Sindhi community Amar shahid Hemu Kalani was bon on the twenty third day of March in the year 1924 as the son of Jethibai and Pessumal Kalani. This is the most unfortunate thing that this brave son of sindh and inspiring sindhi soul even was not able to complete teen age existence in the physical body. He was is a brilliant student who passed the matriculation exam with flying colors in the year 1942 as the student from the famous Tilak high school of Sakhar [sukkur] the city is presently in the sindh, Pakistan.

Entire country was under very strong waves of desire for self rule and protest against the British rule was on from every walk of life. Different ideologies and groups were working in tandem for the one and only one common aim of getting freedom. Hemu joined a group, expert in under ground activities for allowing motherland to respire in the atmosphere of freedom. In those days non humanitarian treatment to common people by the military and government was common thing so group decided to dislodge the railway track for creating a hurdle in military movement. Unfortunately on the action day, which was a full moon day, when Hemu was dislodging track with three other group member, the security force on duty caught them.

During the raid on Hemu Kalan’s house a litho press and other objectionable materials were also founded and they were presented before the Marshal law court because during those days Sakhar Distric was under the military rule and Marshal law was in force. The court recommended life time imprisonment for Hemu and forwarded his decision to higher authorities at Hyderabad for the further action. In the views of higher authorities the action of Hemu was liable for higher punishment so they changed it to hanging till the death. The news spread like a storm and a wave of anger generated through the entire land. People started to send telegrams to government officials for changing this cruel decision, even Sadhu Vaswani and Shri Jamshed Ji came forward with Mercy appeal but all the efforts went in vain.


On the 21st January 1943 Hemu was hanged till death in the Sakhar. It was a true surprise for the official present there that they were not able to find any sign of fear on the Hemu’s face while he was taken to rope for hanging till date. His weight in the prison was increased by 7lbs. Hemu expressed his last will of taking birth again on this holly land India with the officials. “Inqulab Zindabad”” Sindh Amar Zinda Baad” were the last spoken words of this brave son. It was undeclared holiday in Sakhar as all the citizens were present at Agani Sanskar [funerals] of Hemu Kalani. Hemo kalani was brave man of Sindh, who secrificed his whole life to save his mother land sindh

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