Voice Based Home Automation System using Arduino

Group Members

Fayaz Bhangwar (B.E Telecommunication,MUET Jamshoro)

Aqeel Ahmed (B.E Telecommunication,MUET Jamshoro)

Motivation for this project:

Our motivation are the people who are disable and cannot walk to get things done, the blind people are also one of the major motivation for us to work on this project. As they cannot walk to switch on/of their home appliance. Home automation results in a smarter home and is used to provide a higher & healthier standard of living. The beauty of a home automation system is that it is highly scalable, flexible and it’s capabilities are limited only by our imagination. With the IoT revolution just around the corner, it is high time we move towards widespread adoption of such a system.

Project Description:

This system has been designed to assist and provide the support to elderly and disabled people at home. Google application has been used as voice recognition and process the voice input from the smart phone. The voice input has been captured by the android and will be sent to the Arduino Uno. Bluetooth module in Arduino Uno received the signal and processed the input signal to control the light and fan. The proposed system intended to control electrical appliances with relatively user-friendly interface and ease of installation. We have demonstrated up to 20 meter of range to control the home appliances via Bluetooth.


Circuit Diagram:








The block diagram of voice control home appliances is illustrated in Fig. 2. Android application act as interface between smart phone and Bluetooth.  Users give the input via the smart phone  voice command. the google voice application takes the commands and sends to arduino using Bluetooth , the  arduino processes the command switches on and of the appliances after identifying the command. The relay is used for AC home appliances .

You can watch the video here

download the pdf file for the description:



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