Soft Switching | Next Generation Networking (NGN)

Soft Switching

In telecommunication network a soft switch is programmed device which is placed at central point which connect telephone calls from one telephone line to another entirely by means of a program installed on a computer. The soft switches perform same function as legacy PSTN switches but in more flexible, economic and open in architecture [1].

In Next Generation Network (NGN) network one of the most important component is the soft switch. The main role of Softs witch is to provide call control functions for VoIP calls. Soft switch enables integration of different protocols within NGN network. Call details for billing are generated in Soft switch also. Another important function is interface creation with existing telephony networks PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) through Signaling gateway and Media gateway. The role of media gateway is conversion of voice message from circuit format into packet format.  Whereas the main role of signaling gateways is to manage different connections in a certain packet network.[2]

The main advantages of Soft switch against the traditional switches are: new services, flexibility in operation and maintenance, easy integration of other components and networks, low cost etc. the technology enables the connection between , internet wireless networks, optical fiber networks, and traditional telephone network which results in a single convergent network. Also this model open opportunity for the third order developers. Soft switch technology empower the telecommunication market to open the changing perspective to rivalry. Soft switch likewise empowers a service provider to bypass central office and Class 4 and 5 switches. Soft switch is less expensive both in price tag and working costs than the circuit switches.[2]

Next Generation Networks (NGN)

NGN is a safe technology for the future. Nowadays market demands always change. Customers require different services with high quality. In order to fulfill those requirements is developed NGN network with an advanced platform. Next Generation Networks as a platform is able to offer ubiquitous connectivity and intelligent interfaces for human and machine communication as well as pervasive services access, bringing value to human life for its improvement and new experiences. It is proved that NGN network offers more services compared to PSTN network. NGN network needs lower investments to achieve the same functions.  By creating dedicated virtual communication environment, NGN is able to disappear distance barrier between two users, handover problems etc.   NGN is packet based network, so it is oriented in VoIP services. The main features of NGN network are: packet based transmission; broadband capabilities with end-to end QoS, fixed-mobile convergence as well as wide range of services.


Fig.1-1 ZTE NGN Solution – Layered Architecture

The detailed discussion about NGN network architecture and services will be discussed in next article INSHALLAH 🙂




The role of softswitch in NGN network

[2] ARIANIT MARAJ, SKENDER RUGOVA Post and telecommunication of Kosova Republic of Kosova, Dardania n.n. Prishtina, 1000 RECENT ADVANCES on DATA NETWORKS, COMMUNICATIONS, COMPUTERS


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