Independence Day Celebrations |TL MUET

 Happy Independence Day ..!  🙂

Making of Pakistan is really the aftereffect of struggle by people (Muslims) of the subcontinent and the untiring battle of the great Quaid e Azam Mohmmad Ali Jinnah and his mates. It was fourteenth of August 1947 and 27th of Ramadan when Pakistan was proclaimed as a free state on the planet. This day is celebrated with patriotism the nation over . The schools, government buildings,homes and streets of the country are decorated with green banners, flags and lighting. Each individual tries to demonstrate its patriotism to the Pakistan on this day . Diverse Events are organized in institutions to pay tribute to the legends of the country who battled for the freedom of an independent state.

Bashir Ahmed Mahar , Saqib Hussain , & Inamullah Khyber Holding Pakistani Flag

The final year batch of the Telecom Engineering Department ,MUET Jamshoro also celebrated the day with patriotic sentiment . Both the sections of the batch i.e 14TL-I and 14TL-II collectively
arranged the cake cutting ceremony in the department .

Department Decorated with green buntings

The Honorable Chairman Prof: Dr Faisal Karim Shaikh was the chief Guest and all the faculty members and staff members were invited as well. The National anthem of the Pakistan was sang by all the students and faculty members before the ceremony.

Honorable Chairman of TL Department along with Faculty members cutting the Cake.

“On this day we should promise to ourselves that for the sake of development of this country we will work hard. “, chairman addressed.

Boys and girls of both sections participated in the celebration and of course photography was done with mobile cameras and DSLRs .

Sharing some of the photos taken :

Boys around the cake . can’t wait anymore 😛





Arif Hussain Abid Hussain Wajid Ali & saleem Siyal

Finally :
Both the sections together in one PIC..!

14TL I & 14TL II..!
Group Photo



All the arrangements were made by GM Mahar the CR of the Sec – I and was co operated by Me from Sec – II…!


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