INTRODUCTION: This is a simple sequential circuit that counts in upward direction when the input across it becomes high (i-e: on rising clock edge) Each output becomes high as the count advances. The reset input is adjusted to low condition for normal operation of circuit.     Components: 1) Resistor ¬†33k, 47k, 1k 2) Capacitor... Continue Reading →


Voice Based Home Automation System using Arduino

Group Members Fayaz Bhangwar (B.E Telecommunication,MUET Jamshoro) Aqeel Ahmed (B.E Telecommunication,MUET Jamshoro) Motivation for this project: Our motivation are the people who are disable and cannot walk to get things done, the blind people are also one of the major motivation for us to work on this project. As they cannot walk to switch on/of... Continue Reading →

Make Mini Radar Using Arduino

This project is a result of project given by our Opto-electronics instructor Sir HaiderBuxMangrio .The radars have become an integral part of national defense in todays. but not only defense they are used to guide the aero planes so that¬† they may have a safe journey. They are widely used around the world. We have... Continue Reading →

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