How to become a topper in academics..!!

What is the Difference between Toppers and other students? Well, just a day before my exams are over (shukar) and went awesome as usual (Alhamdullilah). I have always been in top 3 students throughout my academics from primary to university level and I never hesitate to share this.  So my juniors always ask me this... Continue Reading →

NED Students startup build houses in 2 hours

Can you imagine building an entire house in only three hours? Or constructing large cost-effective colonies with proper plumbing and electricity within a month? A house that can be assembled and disassembled like Lego blocks? A house that can be transported anywhere because it is flat-packed? No, not a shelter, but a real house that... Continue Reading →

OGDCL Talent Hunt Program at Sukkur IBA

Pakistan is blessed with an extraordinary talent but the major portion of it remains undiscovered and underutilized. The underutilization of such talent has been mainly caused by rural-urban divide in which the urban population has access to all the opportunities to excel whereas the people from rural are deprived of accessing even the basic necessities... Continue Reading →


Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO), the national space organization, was set up in 1961 as a Committee and was conceded the status of a Commission in 1981. SUPARCO is commanded to direct R&D in space science, space innovation, and their tranquil applications in the nation. It works towards creating indigenous capacities in... Continue Reading →

(وجود ۽ سچائي ….!! ( ڊاڪٽر احسان احمد عرساڻي

 روزانہ سنڌ ايڪسپريس  (ڊسمبر 30، 2016ع ۽ جنوري 6، 2017ع)مان ورتل    پروفيسر ڊاڪٽر احسان احمد عرساڻي صاحب مهراڻ يونيورسٽي انجنيرنگ ڄامشورو ۾ جياطب انجنيئيرنگ شعبي ۾ چيئرمين آهي سائين سندن شعبي ۾ وسيع ڄآڻ رکن ٿا هي مضمون ان ڳالهه جو هڪ نمونو آهي.. ضرور پڙهندو  تمام بهترين ءِ ڄاڻ ڀريو مضمون آهي هيءُ مضمون... Continue Reading →

What is Discipline….??

one of my favourite part of the book "YOU CAN WIN" by Shiv Khera. Lack of Discipline What is Discipline? Is it absolute freedom to do what a person wants? Is freedom regardless of consequences? Does it mean corrective action after a problem occurs or a wrong is done? Is it imposition? Is it abuse?... Continue Reading →

سائنس جي دنيا ۾ هڪ وڏي دريافت ، ثقلي مُوجُون

جيئين جيئين ٽيڪنالاجي ۾ ترقي ايندي ٿي وڃي تيئين ئي سائنسي دريافتن ۾ به تيزي ايندي پئي وڃي ، هر روز دنيا ۾ نيون ايجادون ٿين ٿيون جيڪي انساني ڀلائي لاءِ استعمال پڻ ٿين ٿيون. سائنس به ڪائنات ۾ سمايل انهن نشانين کي پرکڻ  ۾ اڳتي رهي آهي ءِ قدرت جي رازن کي سمجهڻ ۾... Continue Reading →

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