Election Promises, History and Expectations from PTI

  Pre-election promises and post-election attitude of successive governments have created a huge mistrust among people. Because the governments have always played contradictory role in promise and delivery. Pakistan's prime minister-in-waiting , Imran Khan has given rise to huge expectation of local people. In his maiden speech Imran Khan assured the reforms in governance ,... Continue Reading →


وقت ڇا آهي؟

وقت ڇا آهي؟ واقعات جو طلسم يا ڪجهه ٻيو؟ قلمڪار طارق ظفر مترجم انجنيئر عقيل احمد download the file here وقت ڇا آهي سن 2008ع ۾ ادارو براءِ بنيادي سوال  ( foundational question institute) پاران وقت جي اصليت  جي باري ۾ هڪ مضمون نويسي جي مقابلي جو اهتمام ڪيو  ويو جنهن ۾ جديد طبعيات (فزڪس) جي... Continue Reading →

مٽي جو مٽي سان ظلم

سفر جو ارادو ٿيو، سوچيم ته وڃي ڪنهن ڏورانهين ڏيهه ۾ وڃي  پرين جي پچار ڪجي. پنهنجي دردن جو ڪو درمان ڳولجي. دنيا جي هن گرد آلود ماحول مان نڪري ڪنهن راحت بخش پرفضا ماحول ۾ وڃي ڪي گهڙيون گهارجن. اها سوچ رکي گهر کان ٻاهر نڪتس ئي مس ته هڪڙي آواز جون لهرون ڪنن... Continue Reading →

Salient features of budget 2018/19

Following are the salient features of federal budget 2018/2019. The total outlay of budget 2018/19 is Rs5,932.5 billion. This size is 16.2 percent higher than the size of budget estimates 2017/18. The resource availability during 2018/19 has been estimated at Rs4,917.2 billion against Rs4,713.7 billion in the budget estimates of 2017/18. The net revenue receipts... Continue Reading →

Independence Day Celebrations |TL MUET

 Happy Independence Day ..!  🙂 Making of Pakistan is really the aftereffect of struggle by people (Muslims) of the subcontinent and the untiring battle of the great Quaid e Azam Mohmmad Ali Jinnah and his mates. It was fourteenth of August 1947 and 27th of Ramadan when Pakistan was proclaimed as a free state on... Continue Reading →

Scientists Can Read Minds;They’ve Identified The Building Blocks Of Thoughts

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have developed mind-reading technology to read brain patterns. Using designed algorithm, neuroscientists learned the brain patterns of individuals. Interestingly, the model was 87% accurate in its prediction. The researchers made use of the process to identify building blocks of our thoughts. It was also noted that these blocks were same for... Continue Reading →

How to become a topper in academics..!!

What is the Difference between Toppers and other students? Well, just a day before my exams are over (shukar) and went awesome as usual (Alhamdullilah). I have always been in top 3 students throughout my academics from primary to university level and I never hesitate to share this.  So my juniors always ask me this... Continue Reading →

NED Students startup build houses in 2 hours

Can you imagine building an entire house in only three hours? Or constructing large cost-effective colonies with proper plumbing and electricity within a month? A house that can be assembled and disassembled like Lego blocks? A house that can be transported anywhere because it is flat-packed? No, not a shelter, but a real house that... Continue Reading →

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