Election Promises, History and Expectations from PTI

  Pre-election promises and post-election attitude of successive governments have created a huge mistrust among people. Because the governments have always played contradictory role in promise and delivery. Pakistan's prime minister-in-waiting , Imran Khan has given rise to huge expectation of local people. In his maiden speech Imran Khan assured the reforms in governance ,... Continue Reading →


Salient features of budget 2018/19

Following are the salient features of federal budget 2018/2019. The total outlay of budget 2018/19 is Rs5,932.5 billion. This size is 16.2 percent higher than the size of budget estimates 2017/18. The resource availability during 2018/19 has been estimated at Rs4,917.2 billion against Rs4,713.7 billion in the budget estimates of 2017/18. The net revenue receipts... Continue Reading →

Independence Day Celebrations |TL MUET

 Happy Independence Day ..!  🙂 Making of Pakistan is really the aftereffect of struggle by people (Muslims) of the subcontinent and the untiring battle of the great Quaid e Azam Mohmmad Ali Jinnah and his mates. It was fourteenth of August 1947 and 27th of Ramadan when Pakistan was proclaimed as a free state on... Continue Reading →

Scientists Can Read Minds;They’ve Identified The Building Blocks Of Thoughts

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have developed mind-reading technology to read brain patterns. Using designed algorithm, neuroscientists learned the brain patterns of individuals. Interestingly, the model was 87% accurate in its prediction. The researchers made use of the process to identify building blocks of our thoughts. It was also noted that these blocks were same for... Continue Reading →

How to become a topper in academics..!!

What is the Difference between Toppers and other students? Well, just a day before my exams are over (shukar) and went awesome as usual (Alhamdullilah). I have always been in top 3 students throughout my academics from primary to university level and I never hesitate to share this.  So my juniors always ask me this... Continue Reading →

NED Students startup build houses in 2 hours

Can you imagine building an entire house in only three hours? Or constructing large cost-effective colonies with proper plumbing and electricity within a month? A house that can be assembled and disassembled like Lego blocks? A house that can be transported anywhere because it is flat-packed? No, not a shelter, but a real house that... Continue Reading →

OGDCL Talent Hunt Program at Sukkur IBA

Pakistan is blessed with an extraordinary talent but the major portion of it remains undiscovered and underutilized. The underutilization of such talent has been mainly caused by rural-urban divide in which the urban population has access to all the opportunities to excel whereas the people from rural are deprived of accessing even the basic necessities... Continue Reading →

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