Cell Breathing | Wireless Communications

Cell Breathing: Cell breathing has been studied in CDMA cellular networks. The coverage and the capacity of the CDMA cells are reciprocals to each other. Total interference at the base station will be increased if the number of the users in the cell increase because of the cell reuse concept. And in congested cells the... Continue Reading →


Is your account Password Strong ? Learn to set strong passwords

You might be of opinion that your password is complex and safe, but what if I tell you that your Password has been breached already? You should know if your Password was ever revealed in any prior data breaches so you may stop using them. I have already shared about a service which allows you to see if your... Continue Reading →

Independence Day Celebrations |TL MUET

 Happy Independence Day ..!  🙂 Making of Pakistan is really the aftereffect of struggle by people (Muslims) of the subcontinent and the untiring battle of the great Quaid e Azam Mohmmad Ali Jinnah and his mates. It was fourteenth of August 1947 and 27th of Ramadan when Pakistan was proclaimed as a free state on... Continue Reading →

Scientists Can Read Minds;They’ve Identified The Building Blocks Of Thoughts

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have developed mind-reading technology to read brain patterns. Using designed algorithm, neuroscientists learned the brain patterns of individuals. Interestingly, the model was 87% accurate in its prediction. The researchers made use of the process to identify building blocks of our thoughts. It was also noted that these blocks were same for... Continue Reading →

Unicol Limited Internship June 2017

Unicol Limited Internship June 2017: Unicol Limited is seeking for hard working, self motivated, professionals, determined, dynamic and well disciplined staff for different vacant positions such as following.Kindly read carefully and apply in appropriate vacancies accordingly. dont forget follow my blog for more posititons Positions/Vacancies:


INTRODUCTION: This is a simple sequential circuit that counts in upward direction when the input across it becomes high (i-e: on rising clock edge) Each output becomes high as the count advances. The reset input is adjusted to low condition for normal operation of circuit.     Components: 1) Resistor  33k, 47k, 1k 2) Capacitor... Continue Reading →

What is a Network Firewall?

Well, along with final year project , reading some Islamic books, I am also touching a book name "CISCO NETWORK SECURITY By James Pike".  As I am going through this book , learning so many things about the network security issues , challenges, counter measures and so on . Specially related to the equipment by... Continue Reading →

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